You will come across them again - and often you have no idea that what is before or under you, used to be tyres. How did tyres get on pavements, roads, various surfaces or into dampening materials? It is an interesting, yet complicated journey. But it is worth it.

So what happens to tyres after recovery? Even though they can no longer serve due to their age or lack of tread pattern, every tyre embodies a lot of energy and material. It would be a shame not to use them and just throw them away. Tyre material can be recycled. It is certainly a better solution than wait for nature to take its course. And what's more, products from recycled tyres have many uses. Avoiding pollution means green for recycling. However, there is one considerable catch - the material that comes from used tyres cannot be reused for the production of new tyres. A different use had to be found. Find them a 'second life'.