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Rubberised asphalt

The future of roads - modified asphalt using crumb rubber

Rubberised asphalt is a popular, widely used label for asphalt modified with crumb rubber, i.e. asphalt binder composed of road asphalt, crumb rubber and possible other additives. It is made in a special mixing device. In comparison with other binders, it is more resilient, has a longer service life and is resistant to low and high temperatures. Mixed with various types of aggregates, road surfaces are formed as we know them.

Advantages of surfaces using rubberised asphalt:

  • shorten breaking distance
  • reduce risk of skidding
  • helps against the formation of sunken tracks from vehicles
  • reduces the occurrence of cracks in the roads
  • they are permeable, this means that when it rains, there are no puddles on the road or water curtains behind cars
  • they absorb the surrounding noise and can reduce it by up to 9 dB (especially in frequencies above 1,000 Hz, which the human hearing is the most sensitive to)
  • road building and repairs are cheaper thanks to the thinner layer of rubberised asphalt

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