The stud farm decided to test 'hipotextil', a special mixture manufactured by RPG Recycling, who is part of REC Group. It is a mixture of textile material and crumb rubber, which was created as a by-product during the process of recycling used and new tyres.

"Our experience with this mixture is very good so far," says Mrs Balaštíková, the director. By mixing it with silica sand, you get a nicely elastic stable layer with excellent anti-slip and damping properties. "It is a very soft and resilient surface and, this really surprised us, it doesn't freeze in winter, which reduces the risk of injury for people , as well as animals". This is confirmed by MVDr. Petr Eim and MVDr. Tomáš Benko, who are in charge of the horses' health. "Despite having the surface in place for only a short time, we can already see the positive results. It minimises shocks, which protects the horses' joints and ligaments, ensuring overall security and flexibility of their movement."