The REC Group

The REC Group s.r.o. (Recycling Environmental Centre) is located in Staré Město by Uherské Hradiště in the Zlín Region. The company was founded in 1998 and until 30th June 2012 it bore the name KOVOSTEEL s.r.o. Continual development and expansion of business activities not only in the field of waste management led to the owner creating a holding management structure. For these reasons, KOVOSTEEL s.r.o. transformed into a parent company – REC Group s.r.o. and the KOVOSTEEL activities regarding waste management continued under the new name KOVOSTEEL Recycling s.r.o.

The REC Group s.r.o. consists of these companies (KOVOSTEEL Recycling, s.r.o.STEELMET, s.r.o.A-GLASS Recycling s.r.o., RPG Recycling, s.r.o.GELPO s.r.o.ASSCO, s.r.o., A-ORTO s.r.o.DZO s.r.o. a KOVOZOO Staré Město)  who provide comprehensive service solutions in the field of waste management, that is, its collection, disposal, recycling and processing, as well as demolition, reclamation, environmental consulting, education and other services. The REC Group s.r.o. companies are located in the Zlín Region, South Moravian Region and in Prague.

Another activity of the REC Group s.r.o. is environmental education of the public carried out in the footsteps of John Amos Comenius - "Learning by Playing". To aid this project, we have several attractions located within the REC Group premises – Šrotík (Scrappy) the lighthouse, the ship of Hope, the L610 aeroplane, the STEELINKA land train, scenic walkways, KOVOZOO (reclaimed metal sculptures) and its maternity ward, and the Congress Centre.