Textile fiber

This is a by-product of the tyre recycling process. It can be characterized as a type of industrial textile with a slight addition of rubber granules. The textile fibre has irregular shape (balls) up to 20 mm in size. No agents, additives or other supporting agents are added to the input during the technological process.  It is a loose, non-sticky material that is easy to handle and is grey-brown in colour.


The textile fibre:

  • has a number of excellent properties (especially anti-vibration and noise reduction, keeps constant volume, is flexible, etc.)
  • does not affect the quality of the environment, has no hazardous properties and does not endanger the health of humans or animals,
  • is suitable:
    • for insulation (especially in an environment where it is necessary to separate sources of noise and vibration from static parts)
    • for both indoor and outdoor paddocks and for stables which are already known as ‘hipotextil’ (a mixture of textile fibre and sand)
    • as industrial fuel

The selling price is determined individually.

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Textile fiber
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