Ecological disposal of tyres

RPG Recycling s.r.o. specializes in the collection, transport and subsequent material recovery of tyres (waste with the catalogue number 16 01 03), in accordance with Act no. 185/2001 Coll. on Waste, as amended.Our primary activity is therefore the ecological processing of used, redundant or new defective tyres into rubber granulate, which is used nowadays in many industrial segments.Currently, we are able to recycle tyres from passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors and as the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, even non-standard size tyres.


Are you a manufacturer and importer of tyres?

If you are a natural or legal entity bringing tyres onto the Czech market (you are a manufacturer or importer of tyres, cars, motorcycles and other machines using tyres, a retreading plant, etc.), then you are obliged to ensure the handling of these products after the end of their service life, that means you are a person having an obligation to ensure the take back of tyres.Since 1st January 2014, this obligation has been defined by a minimum level of 35% of taken back tyres (a percentage of the total weight of tyres collected with regard to the take back in a given calendar year to the total weight of tyres introduced on the Czech market in the same calendar year).In the following years, but no sooner than 2017, this minimum level should increase significantly (the estimate is double the amount).

At PRG Recycling s.r.o. we are ready to provide a comprehensive service to take back tyres, including the collection, transport and recycling of tyres throughout the Czech Republic, that is ensuring the serviceability of all requested locations, or to be more precise, all the regions of the Czech Republic. As part of this service, we provide in-depth record keeping regarding the taken back tyres, but we are also able to provide all documentation associated with this activity.

We are ready to provide the same service to customers in the Slovak Republic (according to current Slovak legislation). We have several years of experience with the provision of this service in both countries.


Are you neither a manufacturer nor an importer of tyres?

We also offer the collection and transport service with subsequent ecological disposal of tyres to natural or legal entities that use tyres in the context of their economic activities (municipalities, towns, utility services, scrapyards, entities operating in the field of waste management, etc.).

We offer

  • a comprehensive service including the collection, transport and recycling of tyres within the Czech and Slovak Republic
  • processing of passenger vehicle tyres, truck and tractor tyres
  • preparation of documents for annual reports on waste (tyres)
  • monitoring of the current legislation and communicating information to you, our customers
  • individual approach
  • a service provided by a reliable and stable specialist with experience in this field.

We provide this service for a fee.  The price is determined individually according to previously agreed terms.